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Invites to AO3

Hey dudes. I've got three two invites to Archive of Our Own if anyone would like one. Comment here with your e-mail and I'll send one your way!


Merlin Stories
&. Unsuitable: Only one chapter left! And also the largest, most involved chapter. I've got notes for this written up, but it's not entirely fleshed out.
&. YouTube Story: Barely written, though I've got all of the plot written up already.
&. Beltane: I know that this is mostly going to be sex, but I still don't know exactly how it's gonna go. I've written a little bit but I'm not sure if I like it or not. It seems kinda boring and I don't want it to start out boring, so I'm still stuck on that one.
&. Harry Potter Crossover: It will be Harry/Draco as well as Merlin/Arthur. Started writing up some notes for it already, but they are nowhere near complete and I have no idea how long it would actually end up being.

Supernatural Stories
&. Taking Over: I've started this one and I have it completely fleshed out for the most part, its just a matter of writing it up.
&. Sweeter Than Heaven: This is a companion to Hotter Than Hell which I do intend to write, but I dunno when considering all my other stories and when I have to write them.

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I think I may work on Unsuitable and Crossover at the same-ish time. Maybe throw back and forth between them when I get bored/stumped with one or the other. I've got a general idea of how the Harry Potter crossover will take place so if you're interested, I'll give you a run down.

For now, I'm going write up notes for HP Crossover and see if I can gauge its length as well as get back to writing last part of Unsuitable. Well, that's all besides RL stuff, which sadly, comes back tomorrow as Spring Break is now over. :(


lol cos it's true

If you could choose to be born again as a citizen of any country in the world, which country would you choose, and why?

I would choose either the United Kingdom or Japan. Japan probably would've been more useful since I wouldn't have to watch anime with subtitles, but I would love to have an English accent. ;D

Also, /FOOT STOMP for missing sparksflyout online. GRAH!


random musings.


I keep seeing Harry/Draco and Merlin/Arthur crossovers.

I kinda wanna see a Dean/Castiel and Merlin/Arthur crossover.

Like really bad, though I'm not sure why. Or how. But it'd be nice. Lol.


In other news, I really, really need to get writing. But instead, I am watching Romantic Princess. Cos it's just wonderful.

And I may or may not have a really big crush on Wu Chun. Ummmmm hello?! *dead*

I need to see this movie now, cos he looks gooooooood.


just. yes. this is yes.

Assassin's Creed II Rec
The Animus is for Porn by (Anonymous) { Ezio/Leonardo, NC-17 }

burntotears says: THIS! THIS! Instant rec, dudes, no joke. Fucking fantastic. And I really want to write something too because that inspired Shaun/Desmond jealousy that is just too obvious. Shaun is so pissed that Desmond is getting some in his mind and it's not from HIM!

OMG this is what happens when I am allowed to troll the internets. *DEAD*

Just read it.

Also if you want more, check out the AC kink_meme here and the AC slash community creedslash.


we love fandom.

Some interesting discussions going on in fandom that I decided to bring up. Well ok, not necessarily all around fandom, just stuff I have been involved in that I wanted to bring up.

Firstly, there is apparently a 'trend' in some fandoms for slash writers to put M/M kissing or M/M sex underneath the warning section of their fanfic headers. And this has raised some reader/writer attention as to it sounding a bit on the homophobic side.

Once its pointed out to you, its definitely obvious why this would be considered homophobic, especially when you are writing SLASH fiction--its kind of a given that there will be M/M or F/F contact, yes? I am not of the opinion that someone who writes this out of ignorance is a homophobe, because it was pointed out that some people use the warning tag to just say what will be included in the fic, which is what I usually do, actually. My warning tag is generally filled with 'fluff and angst' because I have nothing to warn about.

But I do hope that once it is pointed out to you, you stop doing it because it wouldn't have been brought up if it wasn't being misconceived so lets all have brains here and listen to what people tell us!

Secondly, after checking out fanficrants to see where all that warning talk began, I found this post about name misuse in narrative and it got me thinking. I've seen this in the Glee fic fandom and in SPN.

For Glee, writers have an awful tendency to write in their narratives using "Noah" for Puck. NO NO NO NO! Unless it is from Rachel's POV and she is talking about him in her brain, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE. He does not go by Noah, he does not think of himself as Noah and no one else besides Rachel calls him Noah! NO ONE! It makes me want to rip out all my hairz when I see people write that because its so wrong on every level possible.

For Supernatural, there is the Cas issue. Now ok, this is not quite as concrete as the Puck/Noah thing, but there are certain situations where using 'Cas' in your narrative just doesn't make sense. I posted about it in the spn_castiel community and I'm glad I did because I got loads of great insight. It pays to discover post!

And thanks to that huge discussion, I got some inspiration as to how to fix my Hotter Than Hell fic that was severely lacking in substance. My idea was to stick with the whole theme I did with the Merlin and Arthur fics and not cover every single month that goes by, but seeing as Dean and Cas have only known each other for a year and two months (as far as I could calculate with the weirdness between show time and break time and show time again) there is no reason for me not to just hit every single month with at least one little diddy. It'll make the story a lot longer than I intended, but it is needed to actually make it feel well rounded. So YAY for making an advance on my story! I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't get to do anything with it the way I wanted.


i'll give up everything just to find you

I wrote my first Dean/Castiel fic and posted it but for the first time I've taken it back down because I am really unhappy with it. I wrote it in the same vein as my Merlin/Arthur years, months, weeks, days fics and I'm happy with that arrangement, but something about it isn't working. I think it's the length. Because all the scenes that I wrote were really long (as opposed to the M/A fics where they are rather short) not a whole hell of a lot happened in it and if I am looking to overview an entire year and input angst, humor and sexual interaction all in one story, it's gotta be longer somehow.

So anyway, I took it down everywhere and am gonna poke and prod at it some more. The only reason I even posted it in the first place was because it was getting on my nerves. I've been messing with it for over a week and it usually doesn't take me that long to pump something out. I think the genre being different and the angst being so heavy its weighing the story down so much and my attempt to mix in the humor with it didn't do much for the story in general.

So here's to attempting to fix it and I hope I can get something to happen, otherwise I'll be sad to see it go nowhere. :(

Well damn. I just got a totally new idea now. I just watched a fanvid that is like, so fkn fantastic that I have asked if I can write a fic companion piece to it. Because yeah. It was really that awesome. And maybe with writing that, it will help me get my other one together. So here's to hoping!

I'm super excited to write this fic, you have no idea. Here is the video. Watch it, because it rocks. It was made by missjigsaw23. (I really need to do another rec post.)


Fandom Recs
FanficsCollapse )

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And now I have strange plotsy ideas I have to mull over. Hmmmm.

Also I'm trying to read some fic in other fandoms besides just Merlin, so here goes!


Oh stories, why do you do this to me?

Damn you, Unsuitable. You've made a gigantic liar out of me!

It has turned into seven parts now. It was supposed to stop at six but if I kept on with this chapter it will be like 20,000 words on its own so it needs to be split into two parts. It fits better with the flow of the story anyway, having a break before the whole blowout or what-have-you, so I am happy with the result but mad that all my awesome planning has gone out the window! Haha

It will not go longer than seven parts though. I have really enjoyed writing this fic, but I want to do something different with the boys in cannon time now.

I want to explore Bradley's comments in A Night Less Ordinary:
For Arthur to find out about Merlin’s magic I think again it has to happen in a way that suggests that Arthur can think for himself. And I think by accident and without Merlin knowing, I think Arthur has to witness something or just have something click. So that he knows - before Merlin knows that he knows - so that there’s a time period where Arthur has to decide what to do.

I didn't really explore that option with Unsuitable, mostly just went through the whole 'I know and I want you to confirm it' bit and not really what Arthur's reaction really was when he found out. So I want to do something with that as another scenario and inbetweener fic (because I have to speculate while waiting for series 3 and this will help fill up that time till the end of the year) and sort of explore a slightly less love-struck Arthur, though he will still be interested, obviously. You'll see when I get there. Lol

Anyhow, I need to do some re-reading and revising of this sixth part of Unsuitable and then get the ending written out before I can start all that. So for now, sorry for not sticking to the original plan!

Fandom Recs
Two Bradley/Colin RPF storiesCollapse )

One lovely Merlin/Arthur fanartCollapse )

top ten fictional females

Snagged from planejane.

10 Favourite Fictional Females

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Do you like any of my Merlin stories? Please nominate me for the Spring 2010 camelot_awards!

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valentine's day lovin!


360 gamertag

Heya folks. Got a 360 today so add me if you like! I also have a PS3 so add me on there too! burntotears for both! :) Give me your gamertags too!


camelot awards deadline approaching!

Do you like any of my Merlin stories? Please nominate me for the Spring 2010 camelot_awards!

Nominations Will Be Closed On: Friday, 12th February 2010
Voting Will Be Held Between: Monday, 15th February and Friday, 5th March
Winners Will Be Announced On: Sunday, 7th March 2010
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Read this. Read it and then enjoy. Because I'm writing it. Right now.

Arthur has a YouTube page where he posts videos of himself playing his favorite songs on the guitar. He is pretty popular. Merlin also has a YouTube page, but it’s dedicated to teaching people how to play the guitar.

One of Arthur’s subscribers suggested that Arthur should check Merlin’s page out (Arthur took it as an insult, because why would he need tutoring?). But Arthur checked it out anyway. After spending the whole evening going through Merlin’s videos, he found himself being completely captivated by Merlin’s joy (the way Merlin is so happy to share what he loved).

After fretting forever over it, Arthur posted a reply video to one of Merlin’s video (some song).

So the whole purpose is I want to see them courting through YouTube video replying? Instead of sending messages back and forth as answers, they reply through their songs?

I have their playlists done already. Basically, perusing YouTube for acoustic music landed me on these FANTASTIC guys (with such a beautiful voice too) so you should definitely give them a listen. Arthur has a sort of one track taste in music--mostly rock and R&B. Merlin is totally eclectic and does pop, rock, R&B, country, etc.

Merlin: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=4F399AC9D9006EF3
Arthur: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=75CA7FC413E7FE43

Now all I need is to figure out is what they would call their YouTube channels. Hrmmm.

You have no idea how excited I am about this story. I love putting music into stories. EEEE!

I have to have a banner or cover art (OR BOTH!) for this story (cos yeah, I'm including all the songs in a zip file because I couldn't NOT do that). I wonder if I could beg another graphic favor from the lovely sparksflyout. *bats eyelashes* I will totally write something all of your own if you want!!

Anyhoo, if you guys have any input as to what you would like to see happen in the story, please share!


Raise your voice!

The Great Australian Internet Blackout


How will this affect Australians and slash? http://bit.ly/4LMCVj


Ugh. 6971 words into part five and I haven't even gotten to the middle of the chapter arc yet. Unsuitable, I am your slave, damn you. Why do you hit me so late at night with your creative juices? No, I do not have anywhere to be tomorrow but sometimes I would like to go to sleep at normal hours and wake up before noon. Damn you, you lovely little piece of fiction that I am so proud to be mother of! Damn you!

Also my internet is crawling at a glacial pace again. I suppose that is because of the 12GB of anime (Twelve Kingdoms as recommended by eosrose) I am downloading, but I'll pretend its the fault of my ISP and rant and rave about it. Haha

Man, I really need to go to sleep, but I'm having a lot of fun writing this part of the chapter and they aren't even having sex! I think it is because I am tying so much cannon into my story and doing that makes me giddy with ridiculous glee when I can pull it off masterfully. Or at least what I consider to be masterfully.

And when I do this, I enjoy having to do "research" (i.e. rewatching full episodes or bits and pieces of episodes) to make sure I do not botch something important up.

This chapter has twisted into something else entirely from what it was supposed to be. I mean, the angst and emo are still there, but it has taken such a timid course that I had to rename the chapter from what I previously planned. Oh well, I suppose that everyone will enjoy it for the quiet angst instead of the ridiculous Arthur!jackass angst that graced the previous chapter. That and the secret being out (finally!) so talk can ensue about magical things. YAY!

And there are like three different entirely long fics that I have uploaded onto my kindle to read and would like to start endulging in them but cannot do so until I finish this chapter or it will never be completed until I surface from fanfic-y goodness.

I have taken to typing "command S" on my keyboard so often while I am writing my stories (I am obsessive about not losing any work by a random crash that will never happen on my amazing Macintosh computer anyway, but still) that I do it by accident while I'm writing an LJ entry on the webpage. Firefox looks at me stupidly and laughs at my retarded fic-induced actions.

Anyway, I just have to say I have never enjoyed writing a story as much as I have this one. Especially in chapters, because each time I begin a new chapter I feel a bit lost and don't know how I'm going to get it where I want it to go until I start writing and it just comes to me and I feel this giddy little bit in my stomach that says "AHA! A brilliant turn of events!" and its just a warm and cuddly feeling I cannot really describe in normal English.

Because I am feeling so excitable and charitable, I will give you a small snapshot of Part Five of Unsuitable, Tacitly. (And it won't even be a cliffhanger that makes you want to tear out your hair! Ok maybe a little cliffhangery...)

spoilery bits for my fic ahead!Collapse )

And now? I really go to sleep.
So I was looking for a good plot idea for the fifth part of Unsuitable since I have the premise but not really a specific event to tie it all down.

Since I see a bajillion people posting with kinkme_merlin prompts (which I thought was just sex prompts) I figured I'd check it out and see if I could get some inspiration. Holy crap! This thing is full of shit. Like holy crap. It has everything!

Luckily I think I did find a good one to work with, so bonus points for that! Also since everyone has really enjoyed two years, five months, three weeks, four days, I plan to write a companion piece with some random prompts from there too. :D

This place is a goldmine!


Re-watching Colin in Midnight on Doctor Who. Haha, he's funny and adorable. And pretty sexy, yeah? :D


What's the best font to use for text messages in a story? I'm not really sure what the "normal" text message font is. So, let's decide together!

Arthur: Hey Merlin, wanna shag? - Courier New

Arthur: Hey Merlin, wanna shag? - Times New Roman

Arthur: Hey Merlin, wanna shag? - Georgia

Arthur: Hey Merlin, wanna shag? - Arial

Arthur: Hey Merlin, wanna shag? - Helvetica

Arthur: Hey Merlin, wanna shag? - Lucida Console

Arthur: Hey Merlin, wanna shag? - Tohama

Arthur: Hey Merlin, wanna shag? - Verdana

For some reason I like Courier New for anything text related, but I don't think phones use that font. Maybe it's Arial they use. Hrmmm...


oh man...

I finally started Part Four. And seriously, guys, its breaking my heart. Its so hard to write that I want to just gloss over the crapiness and go to the fluff. It really, really is painful.

But hopefully it will make it an awesome read! :P

I am a sick person, I know... lmao

ETA: Alright! 6800 words down, a few thousand more to go, probably. Yay for angst!


Nominations for camelot_awards!

Do you like my story, Unsuitable? Please nominate me for the Spring 2010 camelot_awards!

Nominations Will Be Closed On: Friday, 12th February 2010
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Thanks guys! Don't forget to nominate your other favorite authors too! (I will rec some great fics for you guys to read).

Best AU
Easy There by syllic

my sweet prince, you are the one.

So I was actually kinda MEH about this third part of Unsuitable. Yes, it is the smexing chapter, but other than that I didn't have a very clear vision as to how the 'awkwardness' was going to present itself. Well it didn't present itself at all, it turns out, and I found something so much more fun.

One thing I have noticed (this being my first well-thought out multi-part fic) while working on this story is that, while I have come up with some awesome pre-planned stuff that made the story what it is, there are also these bits that come out of nowhere that end up being what everyone likes best. The food fight thing happened completely randomly and was not planned to begin with. It was supposed to be like a random pillow fight or something and then Merlin was gonna hop on Arthur's bed and be like 'this is the life' and that's when Arthur was going to head-butt him with a pillow and then make out with him, but the food part was too fucking great.

It just amuses me how excited I've been about writing this story. I haven't been doing much else, honestly. Well I've been reading some fic here and there, but for the most part I've been trying to piece together how I want this sucker to go and getting up when I try to go to sleep to write down some awesome bit I thought up while trying to go to sleep.

Anyhoo, this chapter is actually starting to be my favorite one which is random because when I started writing it I hated it instantly. I can't say right now why I love it the most, but I will say so when I post it. Its so sad when I talk to myself like this. lol

I should be able to wrap this one up tomorrow. Just got the smexing to go. Woohoo!

Oh also I wrote a random flash fic with some AU Arthur/Merlin that I will finish up and post eventually. Just a totally random idea that amused me.


ummm... because.... YES.

Just. Yes.


harry potter merlin icons!

So this awesome icon has inspired me to make Harry Potter-ish Merlin icons. I need your favorite quotes or what you would think would fit.

I have kind of characterized Merlin as Harry and Arthur as Draco. Lol. Let me know what quotes or scenes you think would fit well and should be used! (My mind's drawing a blank so yeah, no good.)

Here's a couple I thought of just off the top of my head:

Rather be British.

Writing juices are just NOT flowing today. Which is alright, gets me caught up on stuff and able to read some stories myself. But I do want to get on with it cos dammit, I want to do the angsty shit. Had I not started releasing by chapters I could've written in any order I wanted but nooooo I have to go in order. Boooo.

This chapter should be fun, what with the sexy times and all, but building up to it is turning out to be a huge failure. Maybe I should write that part and then figure out a good way to lead up to it. Or maybe I'll just take the one idea and have that be the main idea for the whole chapter rather than trying to make a huge show of millions of side plots. We all know that we love the Merlin and Arthur together, sexing or bantering or what-have-you and screw the rest of it. haha

I guess I should be on the ship with everyone else and love the sexy times more than the angsty times, but maybe that's just how we work as writers. Making characters as miserable as possible really is the best part of the cake--the true delicious filling! (hmm, maybe I should be using a pie metaphor instead.)

That being said, I really REALLY want to write a modern AU fic but I can't seem to think of anything. I love medieval settings but there's much fun to be had in the modern world. Its just the setting I have to decide, as in what will Merlin and Arthur be doing and so on and so forth etc etc yadda yadda.

I'm so effing bored, if you can't tell. I should be trying to write but instead I'm rambling on watching Secrets and Magic and wishing I was born in the UK instead of the USA cos their accents are just so much cooler. I've also been doing my read-backs in my awesome British accent. Lmao. Reading aloud in a British accent makes editing so much more fun and entertaining, guys!

Also I had a helluva lot more people commenting on part one than part two so it makes me wonder where the heck everyone's at. Its been a really slow day! Maybe that is why my enthusiasm to write has been a bit low today--not even raving readers!

Anyhoo, I'm gonna go read some AU fics for a bit to sate my appetite.


oh writing, how I enjoy thee.

You know what is hilarious? This second part of Unsuitable that I am writing now was not even supposed to be angsty. This was supposed to be the part in which I wrote the awkward Merlin and Arthur friendship stuff, but now I've got six pages of Merlin angst and still more to come. Holy shitfire. This part was supposed to lead into the sexing part and that can't happen until the angsty part is over, which means part two and part three are gonna be long as friggin fuck.

And I have to say, I love it all. Just love it. Don't get me wrong, I love awkward Merlin and his happy-go-lucky grin but angsty!Merlin is totally fun to write. Maybe it has nothing to do with it being Merlin because I am obsessed with angst and it makes my heart go round when I read it. HAHA.

I just hope that this deep-seeded, evil hatred I have poured into Merlin's tiny head is appreciated by my readers once they see dorky!Merlin back in action. I hope so, cos I know I sure as hell appreciate it. But maybe I am just a truly sick and evil writer...

Also, Bradley is such a huge dork and I enjoy every moment of it. I am finally going through and watching Secrets and Magic. I think its a good thing I waited until after I'd finished the series, otherwise I would have been so preoccupied trying to read Bradley/Colin slash and would not have ever gotten this fantastically evil story idea.

And you know what else is majorly sad about this angst-ridden chapter? Its not even the worst of the angst to come. This is just aftermath angst of the damn show. Sheesh, Merlin creators, look what you have unleashed.

Also, I hope you guys don't get mad at me for putting cliffhangers at the end of the next three parts of the story. LOL

Help Haiti


Calling for some betas

Hey guys, I'm writing an Arthur/Merlin slash fic and I'm going to need a beta for it cos I think its gonna end up being fairly long. I will probably just send it as I finish a few chunks of it at a time, not give me the chance to keep writing and give the beta a chance to get stuff back to me when they can.

I'll need the basics--grammar, sentence structure, awkward lines, etc--looked over as well as help with making sure my plot is running along smoothly enough to keep the reader enticed, etc etc. There is going to be some sexually explicit stuff in it so if you aren't comfortable with that you can beta just the regular stuff and I can get someone else to read over the sex scene (I think there's only going to be one, but I'm not entirely certain yet) for me.

Anyhow, I would be entirely grateful to anyone who could help me out. I want this to be longer than my usual stories so I'm definitely not going to be able to catch all the mistakes when I re-read through it.


the times, they are a-changing, man.

I'm thinking of overhauling my journal a bit. Making certain entries that are just fandom rambles public and redoing my profile page to reflect that more open ideal. I took part in a friending meme thingy not too long ago which I've never done and decided to make things less lock-downed now that I'm 23 and my parents can't scold me for using bad words on the internet. WIN!

Anyhoo, expect some changes around my neck of the woods. Going to start using my journal for what I used to use it for: FUN!

Also GoodReads should have an automatic update to Twitter, I think. Don't you? Are there any book sites that do that?

I am falling in love with Greek Mythology again, thanks to Percy Jackson. I just realised that God of War was based around mythology so guess what THIS GUY is buying at GameStop next? OH YEAH!


Assassin's Creed II Review and thoughts.

I don't usually do game reviews, but I do like to talk about games that I find really fantastic and if you hadn't noticed, Assassin's Creed is one of those games.

Now I did play the first AC installment, but I didn't play it to the end. I gave up on it halfway through because of the monotony of each mission, which is where the nay-sayers really planted their feet. I cannot blame them, because it was not that well executed and that was very obvious. What was working well for the first game was the plot and the over-all game play environment they were trying to achieve. They didn't quite get there with installment number one, but they hit the mark with installment two.

Read more...Collapse )

All in all, the game was a tenfold improvement on the first game, but they do still have some things to work on. I would like to see a bit more freedom in the game allowing us to make our own decisions and reap our own consequences. Possibly allow for the thin line between what a good assassin and a bad assassin are and allow us to cross it on our own discretion. More use of environment changes according to things we do in the game, such as turning a place that was once filled with guards into the new thieves guild headquarters, and stuff like we saw used in the Villa, except implemented everywhere in the game. Maybe allow us to spend our money to improve any city in the game or let us rob food from the rich and give to the poor or steal from the poor and kill the rich and steal from them too. Let us choose how the civilians around us will treat us; this sort of environment in a game is what makes people play it through more than once. People will be more inclined to have different saved games as 'good assassins' and 'bad assassins' and enjoy seeing the differences between the two possibilities.

Yes, that may be asking a lot, but seeing how Ubisoft ran through scores of improvements on the first game, I believe they have the ability to improve things even further. I have faith in them and I can't wait to see how things go for the next game.


nablopomo: hehe; more to come later

I don't really know how to tell you this, but you're a leprechaun. I think I realized it when I saw the purple monkey in your closet and I saw you sit on my corned beef hash. I'm sure you're open enough to understand that there is no solution to you being a dumb kid. I'm returning your nose hair clippers to you, but I'll keep my virginity as a memory. You should also know that I get sick when I think of your feet and I'm scratching my ass as you read this.

Best of luck on the sex change,

???Collapse )


Tom Felton plz to be marrying me now?

I saw Ten Inch Hero finally. It was definitely not my favorite Jensen (which by the way, will never be topped by Alec, no matter how funny Dean is), but it was the most... er, expansive Jensen, maybe? I don't think that made any sense, but whatever I tried. Obviously this is the reason I missed my daily post. Oh well that, and this:

Dude, that guy is SO HOT. Not quite as hot as Tom Felton in this icon, but close. Besides that, Bill Bailey = Funniest man evah.

And why is it that Kristen Stewart looks so much livelier in Adventureland than Twilight? She even looks like a better actress. I hope she didn't do her learning on Twilight, cos I am kind of hoping it might be good. :/ I've never said it before, but Robert Pattinson really creeps me out. He looks like a serious child molester. I'm so serious. He's creepy. I think it's his hair, though, when its all curly. I have to say that Hayley Williams and Robert's interview with each other was the most interesting one I've watched on Myspace so far. Yeah so I admit, I've watched a few of the artist on artist. So sue me.

I really need to go to bed.

nablopomo: eve-ah?

I slept on my arm wrong or something. My shoulder and my whole right side hurt so bad. I've been sore since I woke up and have had to throw my arm around because it hurt so bad to move it. I hope its better tomorrow or work isn't going to be very good.

I definitely do not envy the people in retail come black Friday; I should know too cos I am one. Every person in the store will be working. Nuts? Yep. Luckily I'm schedule in the middle of the day so I won't be there until all the doorbuster freaks and so forth are gone, so that will be nice. I won't be getting up at 5am like the rest of them! Haha.

I just watched Wall-E. It was so adorable and wonderful, just like I thought it would be. As for Twilight, I will probably be going on Monday, which means everyone better put their spoilers behind cuts because I don't want it ruined for me. Not that I am expecting anything amazing.

I am getting back into Eragon again. I should hurry up and finish it so I can get to the stuff I haven't seen in the movie.

Hehe. I named my fishes in my gaia aquarium Alphonse, Alfred and Archie. :D

If you're using gmail, check out the new themes. They are awesome! I am using Tea House on one and Bus Stop on the other. Some of them (like these two) change depending on the time of day where you live. Super neat.

Ok I'm outta here. Gonna chill out and read. Good night folks.

nablopomo: please give me a massage

So I don't have work tomorrow and this is truly a lovely thing. I actually get to sleep in! Does this mean I'm any less busy? No of course not. I have a meeting, an interview for the school television program, lunch plans and class. :sigh: When did I get a life like this? I never was busy before and it was so nice.

Oh well, it gets closer to Christmas the faster the days go! Again not much to say, but I hope to have time to sit down and write a real entry soon. Until then, I hope to be seeing Twilight SOMETIME, but so far my schedule won't allow me to go. At least not with my Mom. :/ I don't want to go by myself so I'll probably wait to go see it. It probably won't be until Monday, though.

Man my feet hurt.