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Aug. 18th, 2032

burntotears is a (partially) friends only journal.
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I'm already writing a future fic for the end of Season 2 and now I'm trying to find an awesome AU idea to write.

I need serious help, people.


FINALLY got my Pottermore E-mail....

I really like my wand.

And then my house........

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In my excitement I forgot to post my username. It's WildMist34. :D

Speak Out With Your Geek Out, Day 1.5

Yes, this is technically Day Two, but I got behind. So sue me. I'm still doing it anyway!


What words of reassurance do you want to share with people who feel embarrassed about their hobbies?

Two word: don't be. I used to be totally embarrassed about roleplaying on the internet. Firstly, when I tell people about it, they give me weird looks because most of them don't know what exactly it is or they think it's something sexual (role playing does not always equal sexual, people!)

Once you begin to embrace your hobby, you'll really start to enjoy it more fully. If you're embarrassed by telling people about it, then you aren't ever truly going to enjoy it.

Why are you proud to identify yourself as a geek? Can you do this in a way that doesn't condescend or sound elitist?

Oh absolutely. I'm not elitist in any sense. I know that there are many, many better writers out there than me. I'm a great writer, sure, but I humble myself against those I've worked with who are far superior at what we do, especially for the fact that we just do it for fun.

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It's probably sad when you run out of all your good underwear that you like to wear because you need to do laundry pretty badly, but you are too lazy to do it until the absolute last day that you have to do it in order to have clean clothes for the new work week so you start wearing your granny panties that you haven't worn in years that are still in your underwear drawer only because you just haven't bothered to clean it out and throw them away but thank goodness you hadn't been bothered because if you had then you would have had to do laundry a few days ago and that would have ruined this entire cycle that you've started.

Yeah, it's probably sad, but I'm doing it right now anyhow.


spanx, you make a liar out of me

I suppose that in a sense, wearing spanx really makes me a liar about my body image. They tone me down, bring all my fat into a manageable, sausage like shape, and make everything look streamline and nice instead of lumpy and bumpy.

I bought them to wear with my bridesmaid dress so I do not look funky shaped underneath it and don't really intend on wearing them at any other time because it's 110 degrees out half the time and it's hot enough without adding another layer of clothing on under what I already have to wear. When I have worn them under my capris to the bridal store (because it takes about five minutes just to get the suckers on and the first time I regretted trying to put them on in the actual store because I was sweating bullets and half dead trying to pull them on in that tiny little room standing up with the attendant outside asking "is everything okay") they make my pants feel too damn big and also make me feel sweaty and uncomfortable anyhow. Plus they cover my stomach and make me feel like I have some sort of alien trying to bust its way out of my stomach and create a new alien/human hybrid race so I'd rather just stick with wearing them for the wedding.

But am I lying to everyone by saying that I am this perfectly shaped person when really I am super lumpy? I usually buy my clothes specifically to make certain that you cannot see these lumps and imperfections because it is more flattering, because I have seen people who like to wear super tight fitting clothes when they are lumpy and bumpy and it's not attractive and I don't want to look that way, but should I be advertising what I really have instead of hiding it? Or do people pretty much know by my general size and demeanor what I've got underneath regardless of whether I broadcast it with tight, ill-fitting clothes or not? I know What Not to Wear has taught me how to dress properly, but maybe I shouldn't be lying to everyone, maybe I should just tell you all the truth and throw the spax away and let it all hang out in my bridesmaid gown and be the lumpy, bumpy bridesmaid.


I think my TV schedule has taken a nose dive into insanity. Especially when I'm having to record two shows on DVR at the same time which means Mom can't even use the TV. Lol

Here's what I'm watching this fall. Those that are italicized are still being "tested" as it were. I may not stick with them. Somehow, I'm not sure if this is all of them still. Lol

Gossip Girl
The Inbetweeners
Him and Her
Mike and Molly
The Event

Life Unexpected
Being Erica
Sons of Anarchy
The Guild

America's Next Top Model

Project Runway





Merlin Slash Awards!

Guh, finally posted all the winners. Took ages, but it was worth it to see people get excited about their wins. As for me, I never expected to get anything at all, so I'm pleasantly surprised that someone actually voted for my fics!

Here's what I got:

Thanks to anyone who voted for me! All the nominees were fantastic and I wish everyone could have won!


I can't decide what I should name my new phone. I'm gonna get a white one and get a black and an orange bumper.

Right now I'm tossing between Merlin, Castiel, & Kyo. So here's a poll!

[ETA: Madison has pointed out that I have subconsciously named it Kyo because of the colours I chose. Kyo wears black and white beads and has orange hair.]

Poll #1577691 iPhone 4 Name

What should my iPhone 4 be named?




You know that hot young thing that's newly on the market just waiting to be snatched up by some sexy little RPers like yourselves?

Well if you didn't, I've got the 411 for ya right here. Check out [personal profile] spaceboomers and I promise you won't be sorry. My girl Elle is about as amazing as sliced cheese, so you know it's gonna rock your socks into the next millenia (ok, it's not quite that far in the future, but it is a whole new century with some awesome technology you just know you want).

Do it, you know you want to. Peer pressure really isn't always bad.

[personal profile] spaceboomers [personal profile] spaceboomers [personal profile] spaceboomers [personal profile] spaceboomers
I don't really post conversations anymore, but sometimes you just have to. Especially when Madison and I are talking.

Me: she just said that sometimes being left handed can be a disability. uhhhhhhh no?
Madison: no, shes right.
Madison: all left handed people need wheelchairs
Madison: and ride the short bus to school
Me: lmfao
Madison: i mean, im so thankful im not left handed
Madison: because that'd be terrible
Me: i is not stoopid jus cuz i writes wif my left hand
Madison: im glad you see the severity of your condition!
Me: lol
Madison: :P
Me: it's a hard knock life, being left handed



Only one week before nominations close, so get to nominating. And pimp on your flists, please!

Nominate: Fanfiction | Fanvideos | Fanart | Misc Fanworks

Nominations Will Close: Wednesday, 26th May 2010
Voting Will Begin: Saturday, 29th May 2010
Voting Will End: Saturday, 26th June 2010
Winners Will Be Announced: Wednesday, 30th June 2010

Nominate your favourite fanworks now!
So I just watched the cast reunion of Queer as Folk after finishing my first series rewatch. And some of the stuff they addressed hit me pretty hard from a writing standpoint, because I've been tossing around ideas in my head about my original fiction and whether or not I'll have gay characters or gay leads and whatnot.

As a writer, I know that having gay heroes or heroines brings about a certain audience and it also alienates a certain audience. A lot of people are afraid to consider doing a gay main character because it will hurt sales or will automatically throw the homophobic audience into the Do Not Want category and I will admit that I've tossed that idea around a couple of times myself. I've also thought about my current story I'm working with and how I could incorporate a gay couple or character or whatever dynamic works best into it and I've wondered if trying to do that in a fantasy type of genre is just over reaching--seeing as fantasy automatically narrows your fanbase and then throwing gay in there might just throw the whole thing to the moon, so to speak.

Most of my friends list is homo friendly so you'll all be like "WTF you talkin' bout, Willis" but it is something that we have to consider seriously as writers (not of fanfiction, of course) because regardless of how progressive our country has gotten, there are still people stuck in the dark ages that would hear "Oh there's a gay character in so-and-so book, I'm not reading that bullshit" and there's a loss of a sale right away.

But I think you all know how important representation of the gay community is to me and it's not just in fanfiction but in life in general. My grandmother and my mother and I were talking yesterday about falling in love and changing your ideals and they said "Oh honey, once it happens, you'll see that you'll change your mind about things" and the first thing that always pops into my mind is my support for gay people and how any guy who ever wants to date me will be OK with that or it's not gonna work out (so far that has proven true) so it's important not only in my family and in my friendships but also any relationships I might have in the future. I haven't actually been friends with many gay people (just because I haven't really come across them where I live), but I have been very good friends with some women who identified as bisexual so I've always been immersed in the culture even if it wasn't something I saw in my friends every day so it's always, always been important to me to represent the world as a whole from all walks of life in all things that I do and write and read and I think it's really important that I represent the gay community in my fiction as well as the straight community.

My first story I'm working on has a female lead that is straight, but I am tossing around some ideas for either a male gay couple or a male gay friend or a female friend who has not said that she is gay and falls in love with the heroine. That's all up in the air, of course, as I pile together different characters in my head but I'm definitely interested in including that in the fantasy novel and I'm also interested in writing something about my experiences in the military and how that might be for someone who is closeted (obviously since you can't be open) and I've even considered what might happen to me if they were to snoop into my stuff and find all the gay contraband and think that I am gay or some such stuff. Anyway, the military's stand on homosexuality is one of the things I cringe when I think about and I'm actually hoping I'll get some sort of chance when I join to be apart of trying to change Don't Ask, Don't Tell and it is definitely something I'd like to explore in a story when I'm done with my first one.

I need to get to bed here soon but I really felt like I needed to write something down about all this so I have. I love all of you for being so wonderful and supportive of both the gay community and its representation in literature as you are all inspirations to me and the rest of the world.

fanfic feedback

I cannot believe my eyes. They are trying to say over at mean_merlin that if fanfic writers repsond to their feedback that makes them 'n00bs' or 'bad writers.' They even named some people off saying 'oh these people don't respond to their feedback and look how awesome they are.'

What. The. Fuck.

These people are obviously not writers themselves or they would know the reason that we write to begin with. We write because we are compelled to and because we want to offer someone else the chance to submerge into a world unlike their own, even if it's only for a short amount of time. And if those people respond to our writing, we write back to acknowledge them for acknowledging us. Getting feedback is the same as getting paid for what we're doing, so even when we get similar "oh this was great" or "how sweet," we still cherish it because they took the time to leave a message for us. And I respond to all my comments, even the short ones and yes, I do say 'thank you' over and over again, but it doesn't matter because it's important to me that my readers know that I read all of their comments carefully and cherish all of their feedback.

Any writer who thinks it's "cool" to not respond to feedback or any reader who judges an author's talent by his/her not responding to feedback obviously knows nothing about the written word and should not try to engage themselves into conversations where they've no friggin idea what they're talking about. And if you are a writer who thinks that you're cool cos you don't respond to your comments, then you need to GTFO of fandom, cos that's not what we're even writing for.


my birthday in history

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day). Then you write down 3 events, 3 births, 3 deaths, and 3 holidays.

August 18th

Three Events
1587 – Virginia Dare, granddaughter of governor John White of the Colony of Roanoke, becomes the first English child born in the Americas.
1903 – German engineer Karl Jatho allegedly flies his self-made, motored gliding airplane four months before the first flight of the Wright Brothers.
1920 – The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, guaranteeing women's suffrage.

Three Births
1952 – Patrick Swayze, American actor (d. 2009)
1969 – Christian Slater, American actor
1970 – Malcolm-Jamal Warner, American actor

Three Deaths
1503 – Pope Alexander VI (b. 1431)
1919 – Joseph E. Seagram, Canadian distillery founder (b. 1841)
1992 – Christopher McCandless, subject of the book Into the Wild (b. 1968)

Three Holidays
Christian Feast Day
Long Tan Day, also called Vietnam Veterans' Day (Australia)
National Science Day (Thailand)


icon meme

01 Reply to this post, and I will pick six to eight of your icons.
02 Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
03 Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
04 This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

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Watching Queer as Folk brings about the fact that no one has written an Arthur/Merlin fic in QaF style. WTF? WHY NOT?

Arthur is perfect for Brian/Stuart and Merlin could be an awesome Michael/Vince. I mean, Arthur the golden boy, the one everybody likes to fuck and the one who thinks he is EVERYTHING and poor poor Merlin, his best friend who's always trailing along behind him, wishing that Arthur would just LOOK HIS WAY because he's totally and utterly perfect (yes, I have a bias for Michael, STFU).

Of course, it would have to end the right way, where they actually get together--which is not to say that I wanted Brian/Michael or Stuart/Vince to get together, because I hate Brian and Stuart, but yeah. Arthur and Merlin belong together, of course.

God, it is 2am so I really need to go to bed cos I'm not even making sense. LMAO.

I just had to write it out, cos I see it with every episode I watch. There could even be Lancelot!David or Lancelot!Ben. Lmao. I don't really remember how Ben dealt with Brian (but I will when I get to those episodes!)


Merlin Slash Awards banner

Spread the news around your flists; add merslashawards to your friends list for further updates! I'm working on categories now and should have the nomination posts up ASAP so that we can still have a Spring session for this year.


Merlin Slash Awards!

Merlin Slash Awards
For Character Fiction and RPS

Friend the community for further updates!

We still need someone to help make a header, profile banner, and something that we can use to help pimp out the awards, so please comment or PM me to let me know if you can make something for us.

I have some questions I'd like to run past you lot about awards for the Merlin slash fandom in general, so I would love it if you could take a few seconds to fill out this poll.

FIRST QUESTION: Encompassing means that we would include not only the Merlin/Arthur slash pairing, but ALL slash and femslash pairings.

LAST QUESTION: Clarification: "If a fanwork has won in a category in the previous rounds of awards, should it be eligible to be nominated again in the same category in any subsequent rounds?" Said work could be eligible for another category and the creator of that work could be eligible for the same category with another work.

Poll #1557037 Merlin Awards

Would you be interested in an encompassing Merlin slash award community?

Other, reply in comments

Should the awards include all fanworks every time it runs? (fanfiction, fanvids, fanart, fanmixes, etc.)

Hold separate awards for fanfiction, videos, fanart, etc.
Other, reply in comments

How many times a year should the community hold awards?

More than 4

Should winners of previous awards be able to win again in the same categories?

Other, reply in comments

Also, please pimp this post out amongst your friends and communities so that we can see if the interest is great enough to go ahead! If you are interested in helping me out, I will need co-mods, so please comment or PM me if you are interested in helping!

*clings to Kahlan and Cara*

It's been posted already, but I don't care.

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How will I survive?!!!!!!?????11/1/1/1//!?


lj userpics

I think we should boycott buying more icons until LJ gives us compensation for the downtime.

And they still haven't said anything about it in their news updates. It should be addressed and I would like to know who I am supposed to talk to in order to find out what they are planning to do for us.

Anyhow, I for one will not be giving them any more money until they address the issue and stop sidestepping it.


join us at themiddleearth!

JOIN themiddleearth !!!
- an interactive challenge community for fans of Lord of the Rings
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Merlin Episode Help

Hey guys; I've been looking for the M/A scene where the two of them are in the council chambers with Uther and he is talking to the two of them, and then Arthur and Merlin glance at each other and then stare at each other for wayyyyyy longer than necessary.

I have absolutely no idea what episode it's from and I would like to use it for something, so if you guys could point me that way, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!




sparksflyout made it--ALL FOR ME! I am totally in love with it! SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

[P.S. I hate April Fool's Day so at least I get 9 minutes of Bradley to listen too.]

I am determined. I will get some of this story done today. Not Unsuitable, but my ficmix. In fact, since I want it to be a shorter story, I hope to get it all done. And I am off to do that now!

*goes into super-focus mode*