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nablopomo: the cow's gone rogue!

I was amused to find a cow wandering the streets at 10:30pm when I returned home from my classes. The cows that are nearby are always getting out of their fences and they'll be standing around in odd places and tonight was no exception. The brown cow was wandering across the street near my neighbor's yard.

I didn't just make this post to talk about cows though. I wanted to leave you a bit of a tip for the day, since I don't have much time to type up a longer post (I have to get up for work at 7am tomorrow, so I have to get in bed soon). I have noticed, no matter the person, that people enjoy getting spontaneous messages from their friends asking how they are doing that day, if things are well, telling them to have an awesome day, etc etc. Sometimes you get a surprised response from them, sometimes you get absolutely no response from them, but just remember that leaving a nice note for someone can brighten up their day. Maybe they've had a horrible day and maybe the want to talk to someone about it and your message inspires them to do so. Or maybe they had a great day and your message makes them smile. Whatever the situation may be, people like to know that others think about them throughout the day, so it's nice when you get a message from someone you may not have heard from in a while.

So keep in mind that you have the power to make someone smile every second of the day, so express that power and see how paying it forward will actually make you feel good as well as the person you've passed it on to.

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