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I'm not sure what to discuss today. I'm still absolutely fuming at the reactions coming from the conservatives down here. Even AFTER election day they are still harping crazy things about the end of the world because Obama is president. Seriously, they need to go to counseling. I'm not really sure what else can be done for them.

A lot of folks have said that the "real" McCain returned again when he gave his concession speech. He's really not a bad guy, but I think that Sarah Palin did hurt his campaign a lot. If they have chosen someone with even an ounce of intellect instead of trying to appeal to the women voters, they may have stuck it out. But then again, I am not so sure because I think Americans really were ready for change. I think that my generation was finally tired of being treated like children when they aren't and wanted to show that they can make a difference and they can make informed decisions and they will be the future of this nation; and a great future for it at that. But I'm also very proud of the generations ahead of mine and their openness to change even though they were brought up not to consider it. Bravo, America, bravo. Now we just need to get these radical conservatives a good slap in hte face.

I bought LittleBIGPlanet today because I need some fun in my life. Things have been so hectic that a little cuteness release will be a blessing. A grand grand blessing. I need a break from MySpace because it is seriously driving me to insanity. Well I am playing it now and I think it has the coolest intro ever and it looks great!

I am excited to share this picture of our new president, possibly THE coolest picture ever. Thanks for being kickass, prez!
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