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So Jensen Ackles is selling his old car as a huge publicity stunt. Ridiculous? I think so. I'm a bit sad to see him turn just like all the others who reached great fame. When he was a lesser-known actor he was really nice, he'd talk to all the fan sites he had (he even had quite a few back then) and his mom would give interviews and stuff. Totally humble. Now it looks like he's on the track to snootiness like the rest of them. Have I mentioned that Range Rover is ugly as sin? Because it really is and anyone willing to pay 20,000 dollars just because a celebrity owned it previously is completely whacked out of her (or his) mind.

Celebrities. You know when I finally met a few I got more accustomed to the fact that they are just people and there's really nothing that special about them. I think the problem is that not enough people ever meet a famous person in their lifetimes so they don't ever connect that realness with the stars. Not much I can do about that, but its sad how many of them think they are something better than the rest of us. Whatevs, guys, whatevs.

Today I had a craving for a cherry slushie from Sonic, so I got one. Unfortunately halfway through drinking it it made my mouth ridiculously dry and wanted only water. Turns out it wasn't just that though cos I just had some olives and I feel the same. Not sure what that's all about, but I think I'm going to go drink a gallon of water now. At least its good for me, right? Sadly I'm feeling lazy and don't want to go get something to drink.

They still haven't sent out my Macbook. I know its customized but seriously, its not like I ordered custom rims for the thing. It says it will be delivered sometime between November 13 and November 19. Bah. Hurry up already! I already have Parallels ready to install on you!

Its seems the crackpot of Internet releases have continued, with MySpace's new Profile 2.0! Its so great that even Tom has upgraded on his profile. Oh wait, no he hasn't, because if he did, no one would be able to see it! Seriously MySpace, don't release things that don't work. Its an awesome concept, but not when you're the only one that can see your souped up profile and anyone who tries to look gets an error message. I'm all for new technology, but make sure it works before you put it out, please. That's all we ask.

Also I really don't care that much for Christina Agularalraala, but I do like some of the lines in her new song. Obviously my subject line, for starters. I do have to admit that its a better release than what Britney's put out. Womanizer has lyrics that my one year old niece could learn in a few minutes.
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