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nablopomo: please give me a massage

So I don't have work tomorrow and this is truly a lovely thing. I actually get to sleep in! Does this mean I'm any less busy? No of course not. I have a meeting, an interview for the school television program, lunch plans and class. :sigh: When did I get a life like this? I never was busy before and it was so nice.

Oh well, it gets closer to Christmas the faster the days go! Again not much to say, but I hope to have time to sit down and write a real entry soon. Until then, I hope to be seeing Twilight SOMETIME, but so far my schedule won't allow me to go. At least not with my Mom. :/ I don't want to go by myself so I'll probably wait to go see it. It probably won't be until Monday, though.

Man my feet hurt.
Tags: movies, nablopomo, work
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