emmie (burntotears) wrote,

nablopomo: eve-ah?

I slept on my arm wrong or something. My shoulder and my whole right side hurt so bad. I've been sore since I woke up and have had to throw my arm around because it hurt so bad to move it. I hope its better tomorrow or work isn't going to be very good.

I definitely do not envy the people in retail come black Friday; I should know too cos I am one. Every person in the store will be working. Nuts? Yep. Luckily I'm schedule in the middle of the day so I won't be there until all the doorbuster freaks and so forth are gone, so that will be nice. I won't be getting up at 5am like the rest of them! Haha.

I just watched Wall-E. It was so adorable and wonderful, just like I thought it would be. As for Twilight, I will probably be going on Monday, which means everyone better put their spoilers behind cuts because I don't want it ruined for me. Not that I am expecting anything amazing.

I am getting back into Eragon again. I should hurry up and finish it so I can get to the stuff I haven't seen in the movie.

Hehe. I named my fishes in my gaia aquarium Alphonse, Alfred and Archie. :D

If you're using gmail, check out the new themes. They are awesome! I am using Tea House on one and Bus Stop on the other. Some of them (like these two) change depending on the time of day where you live. Super neat.

Ok I'm outta here. Gonna chill out and read. Good night folks.
Tags: body, books, movies, nablopomo, work
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