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Tom Felton plz to be marrying me now?

I saw Ten Inch Hero finally. It was definitely not my favorite Jensen (which by the way, will never be topped by Alec, no matter how funny Dean is), but it was the most... er, expansive Jensen, maybe? I don't think that made any sense, but whatever I tried. Obviously this is the reason I missed my daily post. Oh well that, and this:

Dude, that guy is SO HOT. Not quite as hot as Tom Felton in this icon, but close. Besides that, Bill Bailey = Funniest man evah.

And why is it that Kristen Stewart looks so much livelier in Adventureland than Twilight? She even looks like a better actress. I hope she didn't do her learning on Twilight, cos I am kind of hoping it might be good. :/ I've never said it before, but Robert Pattinson really creeps me out. He looks like a serious child molester. I'm so serious. He's creepy. I think it's his hair, though, when its all curly. I have to say that Hayley Williams and Robert's interview with each other was the most interesting one I've watched on Myspace so far. Yeah so I admit, I've watched a few of the artist on artist. So sue me.

I really need to go to bed.