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the times, they are a-changing, man.

I'm thinking of overhauling my journal a bit. Making certain entries that are just fandom rambles public and redoing my profile page to reflect that more open ideal. I took part in a friending meme thingy not too long ago which I've never done and decided to make things less lock-downed now that I'm 23 and my parents can't scold me for using bad words on the internet. WIN!

Anyhoo, expect some changes around my neck of the woods. Going to start using my journal for what I used to use it for: FUN!

Also GoodReads should have an automatic update to Twitter, I think. Don't you? Are there any book sites that do that?

I am falling in love with Greek Mythology again, thanks to Percy Jackson. I just realised that God of War was based around mythology so guess what THIS GUY is buying at GameStop next? OH YEAH!
Tags: books, fandom, lj
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