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Calling for some betas

Hey guys, I'm writing an Arthur/Merlin slash fic and I'm going to need a beta for it cos I think its gonna end up being fairly long. I will probably just send it as I finish a few chunks of it at a time, not give me the chance to keep writing and give the beta a chance to get stuff back to me when they can.

I'll need the basics--grammar, sentence structure, awkward lines, etc--looked over as well as help with making sure my plot is running along smoothly enough to keep the reader enticed, etc etc. There is going to be some sexually explicit stuff in it so if you aren't comfortable with that you can beta just the regular stuff and I can get someone else to read over the sex scene (I think there's only going to be one, but I'm not entirely certain yet) for me.

Anyhow, I would be entirely grateful to anyone who could help me out. I want this to be longer than my usual stories so I'm definitely not going to be able to catch all the mistakes when I re-read through it.
Tags: fandom, writing
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