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oh writing, how I enjoy thee.

You know what is hilarious? This second part of Unsuitable that I am writing now was not even supposed to be angsty. This was supposed to be the part in which I wrote the awkward Merlin and Arthur friendship stuff, but now I've got six pages of Merlin angst and still more to come. Holy shitfire. This part was supposed to lead into the sexing part and that can't happen until the angsty part is over, which means part two and part three are gonna be long as friggin fuck.

And I have to say, I love it all. Just love it. Don't get me wrong, I love awkward Merlin and his happy-go-lucky grin but angsty!Merlin is totally fun to write. Maybe it has nothing to do with it being Merlin because I am obsessed with angst and it makes my heart go round when I read it. HAHA.

I just hope that this deep-seeded, evil hatred I have poured into Merlin's tiny head is appreciated by my readers once they see dorky!Merlin back in action. I hope so, cos I know I sure as hell appreciate it. But maybe I am just a truly sick and evil writer...

Also, Bradley is such a huge dork and I enjoy every moment of it. I am finally going through and watching Secrets and Magic. I think its a good thing I waited until after I'd finished the series, otherwise I would have been so preoccupied trying to read Bradley/Colin slash and would not have ever gotten this fantastically evil story idea.

And you know what else is majorly sad about this angst-ridden chapter? Its not even the worst of the angst to come. This is just aftermath angst of the damn show. Sheesh, Merlin creators, look what you have unleashed.

Also, I hope you guys don't get mad at me for putting cliffhangers at the end of the next three parts of the story. LOL
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