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Rather be British.

Writing juices are just NOT flowing today. Which is alright, gets me caught up on stuff and able to read some stories myself. But I do want to get on with it cos dammit, I want to do the angsty shit. Had I not started releasing by chapters I could've written in any order I wanted but nooooo I have to go in order. Boooo.

This chapter should be fun, what with the sexy times and all, but building up to it is turning out to be a huge failure. Maybe I should write that part and then figure out a good way to lead up to it. Or maybe I'll just take the one idea and have that be the main idea for the whole chapter rather than trying to make a huge show of millions of side plots. We all know that we love the Merlin and Arthur together, sexing or bantering or what-have-you and screw the rest of it. haha

I guess I should be on the ship with everyone else and love the sexy times more than the angsty times, but maybe that's just how we work as writers. Making characters as miserable as possible really is the best part of the cake--the true delicious filling! (hmm, maybe I should be using a pie metaphor instead.)

That being said, I really REALLY want to write a modern AU fic but I can't seem to think of anything. I love medieval settings but there's much fun to be had in the modern world. Its just the setting I have to decide, as in what will Merlin and Arthur be doing and so on and so forth etc etc yadda yadda.

I'm so effing bored, if you can't tell. I should be trying to write but instead I'm rambling on watching Secrets and Magic and wishing I was born in the UK instead of the USA cos their accents are just so much cooler. I've also been doing my read-backs in my awesome British accent. Lmao. Reading aloud in a British accent makes editing so much more fun and entertaining, guys!

Also I had a helluva lot more people commenting on part one than part two so it makes me wonder where the heck everyone's at. Its been a really slow day! Maybe that is why my enthusiasm to write has been a bit low today--not even raving readers!

Anyhoo, I'm gonna go read some AU fics for a bit to sate my appetite.



Jan. 19th, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
lol. I randomly break into English or Irish accents and don't notice I've done it until I'm told to "stop talking funny". :/

Now I kinda want to start a meme where people have to record themselves doing accent. *plots*

Aha, I was just being lazy, didn't want to type Secrets&Magic and my brain noticed the abbrev. and was like..whuuut?!