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my sweet prince, you are the one.

So I was actually kinda MEH about this third part of Unsuitable. Yes, it is the smexing chapter, but other than that I didn't have a very clear vision as to how the 'awkwardness' was going to present itself. Well it didn't present itself at all, it turns out, and I found something so much more fun.

One thing I have noticed (this being my first well-thought out multi-part fic) while working on this story is that, while I have come up with some awesome pre-planned stuff that made the story what it is, there are also these bits that come out of nowhere that end up being what everyone likes best. The food fight thing happened completely randomly and was not planned to begin with. It was supposed to be like a random pillow fight or something and then Merlin was gonna hop on Arthur's bed and be like 'this is the life' and that's when Arthur was going to head-butt him with a pillow and then make out with him, but the food part was too fucking great.

It just amuses me how excited I've been about writing this story. I haven't been doing much else, honestly. Well I've been reading some fic here and there, but for the most part I've been trying to piece together how I want this sucker to go and getting up when I try to go to sleep to write down some awesome bit I thought up while trying to go to sleep.

Anyhoo, this chapter is actually starting to be my favorite one which is random because when I started writing it I hated it instantly. I can't say right now why I love it the most, but I will say so when I post it. Its so sad when I talk to myself like this. lol

I should be able to wrap this one up tomorrow. Just got the smexing to go. Woohoo!

Oh also I wrote a random flash fic with some AU Arthur/Merlin that I will finish up and post eventually. Just a totally random idea that amused me.
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