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you're coming to but you're slow in waking, you start to shake, you still haven't spoken.

Ugh. 6971 words into part five and I haven't even gotten to the middle of the chapter arc yet. Unsuitable, I am your slave, damn you. Why do you hit me so late at night with your creative juices? No, I do not have anywhere to be tomorrow but sometimes I would like to go to sleep at normal hours and wake up before noon. Damn you, you lovely little piece of fiction that I am so proud to be mother of! Damn you!

Also my internet is crawling at a glacial pace again. I suppose that is because of the 12GB of anime (Twelve Kingdoms as recommended by eosrose) I am downloading, but I'll pretend its the fault of my ISP and rant and rave about it. Haha

Man, I really need to go to sleep, but I'm having a lot of fun writing this part of the chapter and they aren't even having sex! I think it is because I am tying so much cannon into my story and doing that makes me giddy with ridiculous glee when I can pull it off masterfully. Or at least what I consider to be masterfully.

And when I do this, I enjoy having to do "research" (i.e. rewatching full episodes or bits and pieces of episodes) to make sure I do not botch something important up.

This chapter has twisted into something else entirely from what it was supposed to be. I mean, the angst and emo are still there, but it has taken such a timid course that I had to rename the chapter from what I previously planned. Oh well, I suppose that everyone will enjoy it for the quiet angst instead of the ridiculous Arthur!jackass angst that graced the previous chapter. That and the secret being out (finally!) so talk can ensue about magical things. YAY!

And there are like three different entirely long fics that I have uploaded onto my kindle to read and would like to start endulging in them but cannot do so until I finish this chapter or it will never be completed until I surface from fanfic-y goodness.

I have taken to typing "command S" on my keyboard so often while I am writing my stories (I am obsessive about not losing any work by a random crash that will never happen on my amazing Macintosh computer anyway, but still) that I do it by accident while I'm writing an LJ entry on the webpage. Firefox looks at me stupidly and laughs at my retarded fic-induced actions.

Anyway, I just have to say I have never enjoyed writing a story as much as I have this one. Especially in chapters, because each time I begin a new chapter I feel a bit lost and don't know how I'm going to get it where I want it to go until I start writing and it just comes to me and I feel this giddy little bit in my stomach that says "AHA! A brilliant turn of events!" and its just a warm and cuddly feeling I cannot really describe in normal English.

Because I am feeling so excitable and charitable, I will give you a small snapshot of Part Five of Unsuitable, Tacitly. (And it won't even be a cliffhanger that makes you want to tear out your hair! Ok maybe a little cliffhangery...)

“What is it you want, witch?”

“Arthur. I gave you the chance to see your mother and this is how you speak to me?” She looked hurt, but Arthur knew it was an act.

“That was sorcery. Stop the attack on this village immediately. You are killing innocent people.” Arthur felt his sword hand twitch involuntarily.

Morgause’s face hardened. “They are Uther Pendragon’s people and therefore hardly innocent.”

Arthur scoffed, “You would punish a kingdom's people for a personal vendetta against their king?”

“I would punish those who sit idly by while Uther murders my people in cold blood.” Morgause spit on the ground.

“Your answer for the injustice of murder is to murder yourself, Morgause?”

She gave no emotion away as she said, “It gets the point across.”

Arthur took his turn to spit at her feet. “You’re a disgrace.”

“No, Arthur Pendragon, it is you who is the disgrace for failing to kill your father when I offered you the truth of his transgressions.”

“You spun lies to get others to do your dirty work for you, spell weaver. You are nothing more than a coward!” Arthur’s face was flushed with anger and he was close to lunging at her, but Merlin’s hand closed around his wrist.

“Arthur don’t—” he heard Merlin begin, but suddenly Morgause’s attention flickered from his face to Merlin’s and her eyes narrowed murderously.

Pointing at the warlock, she roared, “You! You dare show your face to me, assassin?”

Arthur was flummoxed. He followed Morgause’s gaze to Merlin’s face, expecting to see someone else at the end of her verbal attack. But it was only Merlin, staring fixedly back at Morgause and Arthur only faced her again in time to see her advancing on them.

And now? I really go to sleep.
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