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camelot awards nominations close on friday!

Do you like any of my Merlin stories? Please nominate me for the Spring 2010 camelot_awards!

Nominations Will Be Closed On: Friday, 12th February 2010
Voting Will Be Held Between: Monday, 15th February and Friday, 5th March
Winners Will Be Announced On: Sunday, 7th March 2010
(These dates are subject to change)

There are several categories for which I could be nominated, so I will list them here for you for your conveniece. To see all the categories, go to the nomination page.

You can only nominate each of my stories for three different categories. Choose what you think best applies. Since my fics are sort of comprised of many things (angst, drama, humour, etc.) choose whatever you thought was most prominent for you.

Categories I can be nominated for:
Section 1 (Best Overall)
Best Overall Fic
Best Alternate Universe Fic
Best Angst Fic
Best Chapter Fic
Best Drama Fic
Best Epic
Best Finding-Out Fic
Best Fluff Fic
Best Humor Fic
Best One-Shot
Best Romance Fic
Best Work-in-Progress

Section 2 (Best Characterisation)
Best Arthur Characterisation
Best Gaius Characterisation
Best Merlin Characterisation

Comment here or send an e-mail to smokey2307@hotmail.com with "nominations" in the subject line.

In your comment or e-mail include the following:


two years, five months, three weeks, four days

Thanks guys! Don't forget to nominate your other favorite authors too! Check out merlinxarthur, merlinslash, and merlinfic for other amazing writers!
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