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top ten fictional females

Snagged from planejane.

10 Favourite Fictional Females

10 Tru Davies

Another gem of a show Fox failed to keep afloat. Tru was probably the coolest and most interesting leading lady in a scifi series in a long time. Not to mention the power was kick ass.

09 Tohru Honda

Sweet girls can kind of be annoying, but in Tohru's case, she wasn't just sweet, she was pretty damn strong with all the crap she had to put up with. Bravo on the strength of character and the light of innocence.

08 Sara Crewe

I love all versions of Sara, but Shirley's version is by far my most favourite. Adorable, caring, spunky and a great little singer!

07 Hermione Granger

You can't spell Harry Potter without Hermione. Well, you can, but Harry would be dead if it wasn't for this smarty pants and you have to say, she was one damn brave bushy haired girl!

06 Kaylee Frye

Kaylee combines the happiness and innocence of a child with the strength and sexiness of a woman. It doesn't get much better than this.

05 Beka Cooper

Shy, strong characters are a big awesome in my book, but Beka's more than just shy and strong. She's smart and compassionate and knows how to use her strengths to her advantage. She's got the brains and the brawn.

04 Joan Girardi

Joan is probably a little on the "I like to complain a lot" side, but like many lead characters, she grows up pretty fast and learns a butt load of lessons along the way. If you had God talking to you all the time, you'd be a little jumpy too. Give the girl a break, she's doing the work of our Heavenly Father.

03 Cara

Cara is the best bad chick turned good (but not too good, mind you) around. She's got beauty and brawn and while she's not exactly open minded when it comes to...everything, she's smart enough to think for herself and eventually she becomes a better person because of it. For the way she was raised, I think she turned out pretty damn awesome in the end.

02 Kino

When your own company is the open road and a talking motorcycle, you gotta hand it to Kino for being pretty badass, not to mention caring, compassionate and determined. She keeps her head on her shoulders no matter what mess she gets in and you can say what you want about her keeping people at a distance--she still makes more friends and connections in the world as a traveler than most people do living stationary lives.

01 Maria

Maria can go nowhere but the top of the list because she is everything awesome rolled into one package of fantastic. Such a lovely and beautiful person who struggles to please everyone else and does not consider herself very high on the list of those she should care about. You have to give a woman credit for taking on a nanny position with seven kids hell-bent on your destruction and turn them into happy, fun-loving, energetic and loving kidlets.
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