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Oh stories, why do you do this to me?

Damn you, Unsuitable. You've made a gigantic liar out of me!

It has turned into seven parts now. It was supposed to stop at six but if I kept on with this chapter it will be like 20,000 words on its own so it needs to be split into two parts. It fits better with the flow of the story anyway, having a break before the whole blowout or what-have-you, so I am happy with the result but mad that all my awesome planning has gone out the window! Haha

It will not go longer than seven parts though. I have really enjoyed writing this fic, but I want to do something different with the boys in cannon time now.

I want to explore Bradley's comments in A Night Less Ordinary:
For Arthur to find out about Merlin’s magic I think again it has to happen in a way that suggests that Arthur can think for himself. And I think by accident and without Merlin knowing, I think Arthur has to witness something or just have something click. So that he knows - before Merlin knows that he knows - so that there’s a time period where Arthur has to decide what to do.

I didn't really explore that option with Unsuitable, mostly just went through the whole 'I know and I want you to confirm it' bit and not really what Arthur's reaction really was when he found out. So I want to do something with that as another scenario and inbetweener fic (because I have to speculate while waiting for series 3 and this will help fill up that time till the end of the year) and sort of explore a slightly less love-struck Arthur, though he will still be interested, obviously. You'll see when I get there. Lol

Anyhow, I need to do some re-reading and revising of this sixth part of Unsuitable and then get the ending written out before I can start all that. So for now, sorry for not sticking to the original plan!

Fandom Recs
Questions by mrs_leary { Bradley/Colin, NC-17, 8790 words }
Colin and Bradley finally start asking each other the questions that have intrigued them.

Answers by mrs_leary { Bradley/Colin, NC-17, 2580 words }
Bradley is determined to do away with Colin’s virginity once and for all.

burntotears says: There was just something extremely RAW about these stories that blew me away. They were stilted and strange sounding in places, but at the same time, all the dialogue was awkward and amazing and worked perfectly. It spoke volumes of the uncertainty and the love and connection that the two characters had and then with the actual smexing put in there, it just felt complete. I loved every awkward and uncertain moment of it and I had a really difficult time formulating a good description of what I liked about it and I still do. Just give it a read.

Untitled by sickletongue { Merlin/Arthur, G, fanart }

burntotears says: I very rarely (as in never) write anything prompted by a piece of fanart, so that means that if I do, whatever it is must be pretty damn awesome. And this is just that. Entirely simple yet entirely beautiful. The short piece I wrote for it is here.
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