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Fandom Recs
Fulcrum by beren_writes { Harry/Draco, Merlin/Arthur, NC-17, 39,369 words }

burntotears says: What an interesting idea! My two favorite fandoms blended together--awesome! I love the idea of Merlin, Arthur, and Morgana as immortals out to help save the world from disaster at every turn of century (Doctor Who?! hehe). I haven't read Harry Potter fic in a long time but I really enjoyed the interaction. It was quite a nice 'alternate ending' for HBP and while the ending felt a bit rushed (the Harry/Draco got rushed a bit) all in all it was a fun fic and kept you reading!

Backdrifts by lisztful { Merlin/Arthur, NC-17, 9891 words }

burntotears says: This. This was lovely. It was very haunting and it made me kind of sad to be in Merlin's head when it was all angsty like that, but it turned out all loverly at the end. I was taken by surprise by it, which was nice, and also re-confirmed my love for Merlin because I was getting a little unhappy with him for a while there. And even if I was unhappy with him, I couldn't stop reading, so that means something! Great stuff, give it a read.

Mortal Angels by cloudy_fic { Dean/Castiel, R, 9380 words }

burntotears says: So this was my first Supernatural fanfic. Well ok, its like my second or third but this is the first one that wasn't out of character. And it's an AU, go figure!

Anyway, it was a lovely and interesting idea. For an AU it did a good job including loads of cannon-like things, so that was awesome. The whole not being able to be apart thing was totally wonderful, even in its absurdity. Kind of a bit too quick end and sorta wanted to see things through to the end of the bond and felt a little rushed toward that ending, but good nonetheless.

Merlin Chibi Summary by yue_ix { Gen, G, fanart }

burntotears says: I love chibis, I always have. Who doesn't? And Merlin chibis, especially episodic Merlin chibis? *dead* Seriously, you just have to check these out. They are just fantastic. I couldn't get that giant grin off my face.

And now I have strange plotsy ideas I have to mull over. Hmmmm.

Also I'm trying to read some fic in other fandoms besides just Merlin, so here goes!
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