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i'll give up everything just to find you

I wrote my first Dean/Castiel fic and posted it but for the first time I've taken it back down because I am really unhappy with it. I wrote it in the same vein as my Merlin/Arthur years, months, weeks, days fics and I'm happy with that arrangement, but something about it isn't working. I think it's the length. Because all the scenes that I wrote were really long (as opposed to the M/A fics where they are rather short) not a whole hell of a lot happened in it and if I am looking to overview an entire year and input angst, humor and sexual interaction all in one story, it's gotta be longer somehow.

So anyway, I took it down everywhere and am gonna poke and prod at it some more. The only reason I even posted it in the first place was because it was getting on my nerves. I've been messing with it for over a week and it usually doesn't take me that long to pump something out. I think the genre being different and the angst being so heavy its weighing the story down so much and my attempt to mix in the humor with it didn't do much for the story in general.

So here's to attempting to fix it and I hope I can get something to happen, otherwise I'll be sad to see it go nowhere. :(

Well damn. I just got a totally new idea now. I just watched a fanvid that is like, so fkn fantastic that I have asked if I can write a fic companion piece to it. Because yeah. It was really that awesome. And maybe with writing that, it will help me get my other one together. So here's to hoping!

I'm super excited to write this fic, you have no idea. Here is the video. Watch it, because it rocks. It was made by missjigsaw23. (I really need to do another rec post.)

Tags: fandom, writing
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