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Some interesting discussions going on in fandom that I decided to bring up. Well ok, not necessarily all around fandom, just stuff I have been involved in that I wanted to bring up.

Firstly, there is apparently a 'trend' in some fandoms for slash writers to put M/M kissing or M/M sex underneath the warning section of their fanfic headers. And this has raised some reader/writer attention as to it sounding a bit on the homophobic side.

Once its pointed out to you, its definitely obvious why this would be considered homophobic, especially when you are writing SLASH fiction--its kind of a given that there will be M/M or F/F contact, yes? I am not of the opinion that someone who writes this out of ignorance is a homophobe, because it was pointed out that some people use the warning tag to just say what will be included in the fic, which is what I usually do, actually. My warning tag is generally filled with 'fluff and angst' because I have nothing to warn about.

But I do hope that once it is pointed out to you, you stop doing it because it wouldn't have been brought up if it wasn't being misconceived so lets all have brains here and listen to what people tell us!

Secondly, after checking out fanficrants to see where all that warning talk began, I found this post about name misuse in narrative and it got me thinking. I've seen this in the Glee fic fandom and in SPN.

For Glee, writers have an awful tendency to write in their narratives using "Noah" for Puck. NO NO NO NO! Unless it is from Rachel's POV and she is talking about him in her brain, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE. He does not go by Noah, he does not think of himself as Noah and no one else besides Rachel calls him Noah! NO ONE! It makes me want to rip out all my hairz when I see people write that because its so wrong on every level possible.

For Supernatural, there is the Cas issue. Now ok, this is not quite as concrete as the Puck/Noah thing, but there are certain situations where using 'Cas' in your narrative just doesn't make sense. I posted about it in the spn_castiel community and I'm glad I did because I got loads of great insight. It pays to discover post!

And thanks to that huge discussion, I got some inspiration as to how to fix my Hotter Than Hell fic that was severely lacking in substance. My idea was to stick with the whole theme I did with the Merlin and Arthur fics and not cover every single month that goes by, but seeing as Dean and Cas have only known each other for a year and two months (as far as I could calculate with the weirdness between show time and break time and show time again) there is no reason for me not to just hit every single month with at least one little diddy. It'll make the story a lot longer than I intended, but it is needed to actually make it feel well rounded. So YAY for making an advance on my story! I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't get to do anything with it the way I wanted.
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