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writing my ass off (except that I'm not writing anything at the mo)

Merlin Stories
&. Unsuitable: Only one chapter left! And also the largest, most involved chapter. I've got notes for this written up, but it's not entirely fleshed out.
&. YouTube Story: Barely written, though I've got all of the plot written up already.
&. Beltane: I know that this is mostly going to be sex, but I still don't know exactly how it's gonna go. I've written a little bit but I'm not sure if I like it or not. It seems kinda boring and I don't want it to start out boring, so I'm still stuck on that one.
&. Harry Potter Crossover: It will be Harry/Draco as well as Merlin/Arthur. Started writing up some notes for it already, but they are nowhere near complete and I have no idea how long it would actually end up being.

Supernatural Stories
&. Taking Over: I've started this one and I have it completely fleshed out for the most part, its just a matter of writing it up.
&. Sweeter Than Heaven: This is a companion to Hotter Than Hell which I do intend to write, but I dunno when considering all my other stories and when I have to write them.

Order of Importance
01 Beltane (Due April 28th)
02 Unsuitable (want it done ASAP, but definitely before start of series 3)
04 Crossover Fic (it's becoming a fast favorite of mine, so I want to work on it soon)
05 YouTube story (I have it set up and just need to get it written for OP)
06 Taking Over (it WILL be written, dammit)

I think I may work on Unsuitable and Crossover at the same-ish time. Maybe throw back and forth between them when I get bored/stumped with one or the other. I've got a general idea of how the Harry Potter crossover will take place so if you're interested, I'll give you a run down.

For now, I'm going write up notes for HP Crossover and see if I can gauge its length as well as get back to writing last part of Unsuitable. Well, that's all besides RL stuff, which sadly, comes back tomorrow as Spring Break is now over. :(
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