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tell me, love isn't true, it's just something that we do.

Watching Queer as Folk brings about the fact that no one has written an Arthur/Merlin fic in QaF style. WTF? WHY NOT?

Arthur is perfect for Brian/Stuart and Merlin could be an awesome Michael/Vince. I mean, Arthur the golden boy, the one everybody likes to fuck and the one who thinks he is EVERYTHING and poor poor Merlin, his best friend who's always trailing along behind him, wishing that Arthur would just LOOK HIS WAY because he's totally and utterly perfect (yes, I have a bias for Michael, STFU).

Of course, it would have to end the right way, where they actually get together--which is not to say that I wanted Brian/Michael or Stuart/Vince to get together, because I hate Brian and Stuart, but yeah. Arthur and Merlin belong together, of course.

God, it is 2am so I really need to go to bed cos I'm not even making sense. LMAO.

I just had to write it out, cos I see it with every episode I watch. There could even be Lancelot!David or Lancelot!Ben. Lmao. I don't really remember how Ben dealt with Brian (but I will when I get to those episodes!)
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