emmie (burntotears) wrote,

Okay seriously, I would like to know WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. It's like they started this episode and went completely off base from the past few episodes - the entire season, even! They have tried to cram WAY TOO MUCH CHANGE into one friggin episode and it did NOT WORK AT ALL.

First of all, why are Erica and Boyd trying to leave the pack? We haven't seen them in how long and suddenly they want out of the damn pack? What the hell is this?

When did Deaton ever show those powers to Scott? And why do they do it so nonchalantly to show it to Isaac?

And what happened to Lydia after Peter came back? Why is she suddenly just back and there's no info going on about this?

I'm just like - this is ridiculous, seriously.

Tags: fandom, tv
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